Administrivia: 2015/02/28

Important administivia update!

I’m essentially rebuilding this entire blog. After five years of searching, I finally found a theme I really like.  Here’s a screen shot of the front page:




And here’s the post page:


(The menus are below the post stuff.  I couldn’t fit them in a screenshot.)

I did a lot of custom work to the theme and added some plugins that make things work a bit better for me, so a rebuild is necessary.  This probably means that all the comments and users here are going to be deleted.  It’s also going to take me some time to build the new blog: while the theme is responsive (i.e. looks good on anything from 720p tablets to an iMac 27″), the pictures for the slide show in each post have to be resized and/or composited to make an exactly 1920×540 image.  All this means I’ll probably not work on new content for a bit.

If you have any questions or comments, RSVP either in the comments or via e-mail @

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