Yanagisawa Comparisons

When researching Yanagisawa, I came across a website called “SoundFuga.” They’re in Japan, so they’ve had a lot of Yanagisawas coming through their doors and they’ve taken lots of pictures. Not only that, but each horn is photographed similarly, so you can pull up images of, say, a Yanagisawa A-901 and a Yanagisawa T-3 in almost the same pose.

I’m going to post a few pages of Yanagisawa comparisons. The first has all the “main” versions of Yani’s altos and tenors. I might include the variants, like the 8830, 8833, 992, etc. in the future (and post model names on all the pics).  These are going to be separate HTML pages, so I’ll just post links here.

Hover your mouse over the picture to get some details.  Click the pic to go to a gallery of pictures of that horn.


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