Selmer Mark VI: Take Apart

These are some of my favorite kinds of saxophone pics, the “exploded view” or “take-apart view.”

This first set of 4 pics is from It’s the before, during and after pics of a Mark VI alto restoration. (Click on a pic to go to my gallery of that phase of the restoration.)



This second set of 3 pics is from (top to bottom) an old Allied Supply catalog, a “fresh take” on the Allied pic from Matt Stohrer, and from an original Mark VI sales “booklet.”





I’ll leave you with some videos:
This first one is a 10-part series on restoring a Mark VI tenor that had been under water for several years.  It’s in Spanish, but it’s still an interesting watch!
Here’s a 4-part video that’s in English: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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