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Someone mentioned that people didn’t know who I was.  I seem to have forgotten to include an “About” page on this incarnation of my blogs.  Sorry about that. (Click for more.)

I’m Pete.  I’m the guy that created The Vintage Saxophone Gallery, aka Saxpics.com, about 12 years ago, and built that into the second largest repository of saxophone information on the Internet.  I sold that website to USAHorn.com in 2007.  Since that time, there have been an awful lot of advances in all things Internet.  I decided that I wanted to play with some of them.  This blog is part of that.  It’s just taken me awhile to settle on a format I like.

Anyhow, a brief resume:

  • Former moderator, administrator and techie contact for the Sax-on-the-Web forum.  I’ve also written a few articles for them.
  • Administrator and co-founder of the Woodwind Forum.
  • Former assistant to the director at one of the largest churches in Western NY.
  • Former director at two smallish churches in Tucson, AZ. One’s bankrupt and the other moved. Neither were my fault. Honest!
  • Saxophone training from two protégé‎s of Sigurd Rascher.
  • Classically trained bass singer.

By trade, I’m actually a computer technician and I’ve been one for over 25 years.  I currently work on computer security (i.e. viruses ‘n’ stuff) at a Fortune 500 company.  The computer techie occasionally comes through in my writing.  Please forgive that.  Do note that it’s very probable that you’ll see me on some techie websites.  I’ve also thought about writing a techie book.

I’ve mainly played baritone sax throughout my music career, but  I have also played a variety of saxophones from Bb soprano to Bb bass and quite a bit of clarinet, mostly Bb bass and Bb contrabass.  At one time, I did own a lot of saxophones, clarinets, synths and synth controllers.  I no longer do.  Practically none of the pics you see here are of instruments I’ve owned.

I no longer play or sing “out,” due to some medical issues. If you happen to have a Yamaha WX5 you want to give me, though …



If you have any comments about any of the horns pictured on this website, please comment on that horn’s page.  If you want to talk with me about anything else, e-mail me at thesaxinfo at gmail.com.

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  1. Steve Kirkman
    July 13, 2014

    Hi Pete,

    I have a Strasser Mariguax Lemaire (SML) Primax Saxophone serial number 2677 and I would like to get some idea of the value range. It was previously used by a soldier in a military band some years ago and I managed to obtain it in 1992. The item has been well used and was refurbished not long after I obtained it.

    I am downscaling on my possession’s and it has come time to sell it on too someone who will get the value out of it’s use.

    I can provide photos but a very rough idea of value is all I am looking for.

    I very much look forward to hearing from you



    • thesaxinfo@gmail.com
      July 18, 2014

      Ah a “Rev. A” SML.

      Value is heavily dependent on a) what pitch it is (soprano, alto, tenor, bari), b) condition and c) finish, in roughly that order. If you want me to make a guess on value, email me at thesaxinfo-at-gmail.com.

  2. ray
    October 25, 2014

    Hi Pete,

    I’m trying to determine the value of my wife’s grandfather’s sax.
    I believe it is a Yanagisawa. Though it is not marked as such, I believe it is a stencil.

    It is marked A-4, then the lyre symbol/Japan, then the number 372199.
    It was purchased in Puerto-Rico, and has an engraving with the word AYAR on it… perhaps the vendor?
    It has some scratch marks on it, and some oxidation around the mouthpiece and just below the identifying mark.
    But for the most part, the brass has not faded very much. It still looks good. No dents.
    My research has led me to think it is made in ’72, is an alto sax, and is worth between $500-$1,000, based on similar items listed on Ebay.

    I’d appreciate any information you can provide in respect to value.
    I already have a good musician friend who is interested in purchasing it. I just want to price it right.


    Ray 🙂

  3. thesaxinfo@gmail.com
    October 25, 2014

    My Yanagisawa page: https://thesax.info/makesandmodelslist/2014/06/22/yani. From the serial and “A-4” stamp, I would say that you’ve got some strong evidence it’s an A-4. Of course, I’d recommend that you cross-check with my Yani page and the pics in my gallery at http://thesax.info/piwigo/index.php?/category/28.

    First, “Oxidation around the mouthpiece,” sounds a bit odd to me. Do you have a metal mouthpiece or are you talking about the neck? (This also gives me the opportunity to mention that mouthpieces can have value all by themselves. You might want to post on one of the many sax forums to get some value estimates or contact a real “mouthpiece guy,” like Theo Wanne at http://theowanne.com.)

    As in my above response to the gentleman with the SML, value is highly dependent on a bunch of factors. The eBay auctions with the $1000-$1200 A-4s are horns that have been overhauled and are in really decent cosmetic shape. In your description, you talk about “oxidation,” “scratches,” and “faded brass” (I assume you mean lacquer wear). There are a bunch of levels of oxidation, from purely cosmetic to, “OMG, a hole has been rusted through the body!” You’ve also got “red rot,” which is cosmetic, but you can’t repair it. In other words, it sounds like your horn is closer to the $500 mark (or less) than the $1000 mark. Hey, pictures are always a good idea.

    “AYAR” doesn’t mean anything to me. Brief Googling didn’t show me anything interesting.

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