• Early Conns: Horns Before 1916 …

    by  • March 26, 2012

    I had an e-mail conversation with Mark Overton (of saxophone.org and saxquest.com) regarding the earliest Conns.  He pointed out some things that are interesting and confusing and some inaccuracies I made on my original Conn pages on saxpics.com.  I decided it’d be something that I should give more attention to, so I’m writing here....

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    Conn Altos Throughout the Years

    by  • March 12, 2012

    O.  Hai, folks. I’m testing out something that sort-of interests me a bit.  I’ve always enjoyed my “throughout the years” series for a couple of reasons: first, I don’t have to do too much research other than to *find* the pics and, second, I get to see a lot more pretty horns.  Another reason,...

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    The Buffet-Powell Saxophones

    by  • February 21, 2012

    This is a re-write with the standard “50% more”! Actually, Helen at the Bassic Sax Blog asked me to write a bit of an update for the page I wrote for saxpics.com several years ago, as the current page is missing some of the information and links that I had.  Also, Powell is coming...

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    The Saga of the Curved Baritone

    by  • December 19, 2011

    Many years ago I came across an interesting picture.  It was described as a “curved F baritone.”  I’ve only seen one other curved saxophone, outside Bb/C/Eb sopranos, in one place:  A. Sax’s patent drawing.  I had also heard the rumor that all of A. Sax’s prototypes were C basses in this shape, so I...

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    Selmer Mark VI: The Legends of the Legendary Legend.

    by  • November 8, 2011

    Legend: 5-digit serial number horns are the absolute greatest Mark VIs for a variety of reasons. Me: This legend comprises a bunch of stuff. Let me try to take it from the top. I first want to mention that this is primarily about altos and tenors, though: all other pitches of the Mark VI...

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    Luthier Vents

    by  • November 3, 2011

    http://luthiervents.blogspot.com This is a gorgeous blog that’s about wind manufacturers. They’ve got tons of pics of odd French saxophone makes that I’m only peripherally aware of, like, oh, Cabart.  Check out the F. Renoux horns!

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