• John Swain’s JW York Pages

    by  • June 24, 2010 • JW York

    Mr. Swain died in 2003, but California State University Los Angeles left his website running until 2007, after which it disappeared into the wonderful world of The Internet Wayback Machine.

    Unfortunately, archive.org is very, very slow in retrieving websites that have been completely deleted — say, about 20 minutes for a page of text (NO pics) on my super-duper-high-speed connection.  Additionally, the copy there of Mr. Swain’s website is really designed for the world of 1996 computers, which means that some of the code used breaks modern computers.

    So, I let archive.org just run for an entire day and I got all the pages of the website.  I then rebuilt all the links and converted the code to be HTML 4.01 compliant (read: “modern”).

    The only thing I added to the website was a link that explains what I just explained, above, and the HTML 4.0 compliant logo.