• The Gallery

    by  • May 8, 2012 • Administrivia

    The Gallery has gotten REALLY huge over the past two weeks. I’ve been uploading a lot of stuff. Check it out!

    This gallery is a tad different from what I had at saxpics.com because I …

    * Want to get A picture of AN alto for every year of a particular horn’s production, to chart the model’s change throughout the years. Only for some makes/models.
    * Want to get one really good example of each pitch of a particular model.
    * Want to get one really good example of each finish available for a particular model.
    * Will still collect as many pics as possible of something insanely rare. Currently this applies to F saxophones.
    * Want to get pics of horns I’ve never heard of and have no idea who made ’em.

    This also means that if I find a better example of a model, I’ll be deleting pics.

    A couple of exceptions:

    * I’ve got pics of all of the Claude Laurent flutes that are accessible from the Internet on the Claude Laurent page. That won’t change. If I find more Laurent horns, I’ll post them there.
    * I’m trying to collect pics of all available Artist’s Special and Virtuoso Deluxe finished American horns. While those two finish names are from Conn, almost all other American manufacturers offered variations on the gold-plated, additional pearl keytouches and custom engraving idea up until WWII.
    * I have told Helen at Bassic-Sax that I think she’s doing a great job regarding Germanic saxophones and I will forward any other pics/links I find of them to her.
    * My AJ and AE Sax project. That’s just about finding all the hor ns. I may post a few in my Gallery 3 if I find them on eBay and are about to go *poof*.