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    I’m Pete, the humble creator of the internationally famous Vintage Saxophone Gallery website.

    OK, I’ve got several different “resumes” depending on the situation, so I’ll give the rundown of my musical career:

    • Former Assistant to the Director at Western NY’s largest church.
    • Former Music Director and Music Department Head at a small, now bankrupt, church in Tucson, AZ.
    • Former volunteer Director at a non-bankrupt church in Tucson, AZ.
    • Played sax since, oh, 1985 or so. Originally started on clarinet about seven years before that. I was in every high school ensemble you could think of and I played multiple saxophones (Bb soprano thru Bb bass) and clarinets (Eb soprano thru Bb contrabass) with them and the various churches I’ve worked for.
    • Currently I’m the World’s Greatest Computer Tech at a large company in Phoenix.
    • Studied saxophone with Dr. Laurence Wyman, a 1st-gen student of Sigurd Rascher, at SUNYC at Fredonia. I also studied with one of Dr. Wyman’s pro students for several years.
    • I have sung with various church ensembles (and at various churches) for about 15 years, singing anything from bass to tenor II (OK, I can go even a bit higher).
    • Former Administrator and Moderator on the Sax-on-the-Web Forum. Occasional article contributor to www.saxontheweb.net and a few others that have escaped my mind.
    • I’ve been on TV and film many, many times playing sax and clarinet, particularly in the 1980’s — but never as a featured performer, nor as a studio musician.
    • I’ve recorded two CDs of me singing with my choir at Word of Grace (now called “City of Grace“) church. You can buy them if you come on down to Word of Grace’s bookstore — they’re not available online.
    • I’ve owned approximately 20 different clarinets and 20 different saxophones during my lifetime, numbers most folks look at and say, “Hey n00b. I pwn u” (translation: most collectors think this is a very low number), but I have sold my entire collection.   My wife owns a 1981 Selmer Omega alto, a 1981 Selmer Signet 110 wooden clarinet, a Marigaux wooden clarinet of uncertain vintage and a 1955 spinet piano.
    • I have not played or sung for several years, due to health issues.  I could probably carry a tune, but not enough to want to go out ans sing/play in front of folks :).

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    1. Grover
      March 19, 2017 at 12:05 pm

      Sadly, I need to point out an error that has been repeated at a number of sites about Johnny Hodges famous VITO alto sax.

      The actual sax has serial number 5000, clearly taken out of the regular sequence and reserved for him.

      You can find a lot of info and images at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad_NFvmyPvA. It’s a video narrated by an old friend of Hodges who gave him the horn. Serial number is 5000, which you can see someplace in the video at about te 2:00 mark. It also prominently displays the mouthpiece with Johnny’s name scratched in it as well as the rim of the bell which has his name nicely engraved.

      You can see that this horn has the adjustable keypads with those easy to lose nuts on them which the Vito 35 did not have.


      • Connie Anderson
        July 20, 2018 at 6:19 pm


        I have an Olds silver tone saxophone that I have never played. I found it about 25 years ago and alas, have never played it. I stopped playing a bit after college. the serial number is 99. It needs TLC restoration, pads, etc. I’m not really interested in playing it and am not sure how to find someone who may be interested in restoring and playing it.

        I’d be grateful for any ideas on this instrument. I really love the horn’s appearance and wish to find a person to appreciate it.

        I read your blog about the Olds Super which seems to be fitting the description of the horn.


        Connie Anderson

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