This is one of the makes under the VEB - B&S label. That's short for "Volkseigener Betrieb - Blechblas & Signalinstrumentenfabrik." The first part is translated, "Nationally Owned Enterprise." The second part is the "B&S" of the B&S saxophone world. It's translated as, "Brass Instruments and Signal-Factory."

"VEB Sächsische Musikinstrumentenfabrik Klingenthal" is a company formed after WWII. VMI, "Vogtländische Musikinstrumentenfabrik," was the successor to VEB.

The successor to VEB is TA-Musik, which was succeded by JA Musik, which was succeded by Wenzel Meinl GmbH, which was succeded by B&S GmbH.

Because of all the mergers, there are a billion different marques under VEB-B&S and VMI: Hess, Max B. Martin, Johannes Scherzer, Reichelt, Schuster, Uebel, Hüller, Mönnig, Akustik, Weltklang, etc. (Information from here, here and here.)

This model was actually created under the Sächs - Musikinstrumente "brand" (the name is generally stamped on the bell-to-bow ring). I think this model name became the brand name, much like the HN White King model became its own brand.