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This is the inventor of the saxophone's son.

There are a couple of websites out there that have attempted to track Antoine-Joseph and Adolphe-Edouard Sax instruments. The problems with them are a) they're missing quite a few saxophones and b) they generally don't have pictures. I, therefore, proposed to start a project to update the lists. I never really got around to it, but I thought it'd be a nice diversion for now.

Date of manufacture is either determined from source material at (archived HERE) or through (archived HERE).

In 1928, Selmer purchased the Adolphe Sax plant. The first bit of these horns were made with Adolphe Sax parts and look like a horn from Adolphe Edouard Sax. The remainder of the horns looked like a Selmer Super Series horn. Additionally, I'm fairly sure that I have a pic of one with the "Cigar Cutter" octave mechanism.

These horns are generally valued as much as a Selmer Super Series horn, too, but they were initially sold at a lower price than a "true" Selmer Super Series horn.

A lot of these horns have two serial numbers. One is generally a low number and might be the Xth horn from the Adolphe Sax plant after the Selmer buyout. The other is generally a higher number and probably correlates to the Selmer pro-model saxophone serial number charts.

Here are some French phrases you'll see and their translations:
Fteur de la Mson Milre de l'Empereur = "Maker of the Emperor's military instruments"
Fournisseur de l'Académie Nle de Musique = "Supplier for the Music Academy"
Fteur de l'Académie Nle de Musique = "Maker for the Music Academy"
Sib = "Bb"
Breveté = "patented."
"Mib" = "Eb."

1st Gen

1st Gen (!)

8 photos in 3 sub-albums

51 Rue Blanche
Double Octave Keys; No Rollers
2nd Gen

2nd Gen (!)

41 photos in 4 sub-albums

84 Rue Myrha
3rd Gen

3rd Gen (!)

79 photos in 12 sub-albums

"Curved" Wire Keyguards
"Y" Shaped Octave Mechanism
Buescher-like G#/C#/B/Bb Cluster
4th Gen

4th Gen

52 photos in 5 sub-albums

Redesigned, simpler octave key mechanism
Redesigned, more complex G#/C#/B/Bb cluster
5th Gen

5th Gen

50 photos in 4 sub-albums

"Straight" Wire Keyguards
Selmer Gen 1

Selmer Gen 1 (!)

98 photos in 7 sub-albums

Selmer Gen 2

Selmer Gen 2

31 photos in 3 sub-albums

Selmer Gen 3

Selmer Gen 3

11 photos in 1 sub-album