This website is a reconstruction of John Swain's original website on JW York, which was removed from the California State University Los Angeles website in 2007 -- although the website, itself, had not been updated since Mr. Swain's death in 2003.

Quoting Mr. Swain's original front page:

"John's family has decided that due to the value of the information therein, the site will be maintained in it's current form at a new location in the near future."

This website is almost completely based on files from, but I also did a considerable amount of fiddling to get this W3C HML 4.01 compliant, so it could be browsed with a modern browser, but I have not added any content to what Mr. Swain wrote. If you wish to see the 100% original website, I encourage you to visit Be forwarned: the page takes appx. 20 minutes to load -- and that's the reason I rebuilt it here.

IIRC, I did write to Mr. Swain once and he said that he didn't have much saxophone-specific data, and that's understandable, as most of the design and effort producing instruments by JW York was more geared to the brasswinds.

If you have any additional questions, please e-mail me at

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