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    Just so you know, I rarely come back to this blog. If you have a question for me, please e-mail me at thesax5fo_at_gmail.com. You can see my current blog — yes, I’m concentrating on Yanagisawa for the rest of the year — at http://thesax.info/makesandmodelslist

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    A Trip to the MIM

    by  • April 17, 2012 • Rare and/or Interesting, Uncategorized

    On Monday, April 16th, I took a trip with my folks (visiting from New York) to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.  You can check out my original post on The Woodwind Forum. I’m not a camera guy and several of the pics I took just didn’t come out at all.  Fortunately, for...

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    Material Matters … NOT (Part 2)

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    Or, more accurately, The Ongoing Series. On the Woodwind Forum we got a thread started about the limited-edition Yamaha 875EXW white-lacquer alto saxophone.  Now, I had just looked at the picture and pronounced it pretty, but I thought it looked a little too much like a marching-band horn.  What I missed was a quote...

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    Information for Beginners

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    Get a good instructor that actually plays the saxophone. Here’s a dirty little secret: a lot of saxophone teachers don’t play saxophone: they CAN play the saxophone, but their main instrument is something completely different. An instructor that really plays, say, the trumpet, but can play the saxophone won’t help a student as much...

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    P. Mauriat Breakdown (September, 2007)

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    Website blurb follows: Music is a medium for a person to realize their thoughts, to speak a language that has no boundaries, to express life’s beauty and sadness. In this endeavor an instrument can be a barrier between the player and the imagination that distorts the true intention. P.Mauriat has given the world a...

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