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    Other Media Projects


    • January 1, 2012: Please note that the calendar project has ended and the book project is on indefinite hold.
    • October 25, 2011: The 2012 Calendars are now available! Buy several!  It’s the last calendar ever!
    • November 14, 2009: The 2010 Calendars are now available! Buy several!
    • January 31, 2009: New info about the book project. Some minor changes for the calendar projects.
    • November 6, 2008: The 2009 Calendars are now available! Buy several!
    • March 13, 2008: The most current calendar thread is at http://www.woodwindforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1238. Read all about it and the problems putting a calendar together!
    • January 4, 2008: The new release form (Adobe Acrobat PDF format) is now available. If you want to send me pics for my calendar or book projects, fill one out!

    QUICK DETAILS: The Book Project

    I’ve mentioned, in a few places, that I will be doing a book project. I will start compiling this in earnest after I complete college in August 2009 (long story; it’s been 21 years since my first college course). The image requirements will be essentially the same as for the calendar, so I’m not creating a separate section about that.

    The book project will be feature a bunch of pictures from the past and current calendars, some new pics and my pithy commentary, new articles and updated versions of some of my previously published articles. This will be all put together in a hardbound book and published through probably a different company than Lulu.com (to keep the overall cost down).

    Overly Enthusiastic Detail, to Try to Answer Every Question

    Picture Requirements

    As big as you can take. Lulu, the publisher, wants at least 2625 x 3375 pixels at 300 dpi and preferably 4125 x 5775 at 500ppi. For all submissions, including if you can’t take pictures that big, please send me multiple EQUAL SIZED pictures and MULTIPLE POSES of your horn.

    a. Use a light-colored or softly-bright (i.e., not “neon pink”, but “satin”) background. Dark colored backgrounds do not print well, so please don’t use them. For an example of what I want, check ANY photo on http://www.vintagesax.com.

    b. Again, please submit multiple pictures of your horn in different poses. Recommendations are:

    • Left side portrait of the horn.
    • Right side portrait of the horn.
    • Close-up of the engraving/stamps.
    • Close-up of lower half of instrument, featuring the keywork.
    • Close up of upper half of instrument, featuring the keywork.
    • Close-up of whatever feature you think is nicest/most interesting.

    Please do not include people or copyrighted sheet music in your pictures. I have to reject those submissions.

    c. There is no c.

    d. I don’t mind mixing makes and models for the calendar, nor do I mind mixing and matching VINTAGE or MODERN horns. Woodwind-related pictures (for instance, toys) may also be considered.

    SHOW ME (well, you) THE MONEY

    • I do not have firm pricing info for the book, yet, so I can’t tell you what the profit will be. I’d like it to be $4, as the calendars were.
    • Profits for the books will be split 50/50 between the people that submit pics and me — because I’m doing a lot more work on the book. The actual profit that will go to an artist is yet to be determined (it’ll depend on how many pages are in the book).
    • People published in the book will have an opportunity to buy direct from me at a $4 discount — details will be available to each artist included after the book is produced.
    • Because pricing for the book is not available, I can’t tell you if there is a discount on that.
    • You get FULL credit for the pic and retain the right to use your pic someplace else. You also will have the opportunity to put a caption in the book, which can include a non-adult website or business address.
    • The books will have different captions. On the actual page displayed, the name of the person who submitted the pic will be displayed and I’ll post some other data relevant to what I’m discussing. Full credit for the pic will be given in an appendix of the book.

    Important Final Notes

    • All submissions may also be considered for future picture projects. You’d get profit from any of those, if you so wish and you’re included. If that is unacceptable please note that on your release form or e-mail me.
    • I will not have a “stock” of books. I’ll be using an on-demand publisher.

    Small Banner

    If anyone wants to promote the book for me, I have a very small HTML that links to a small picture on this website. The “banner” can be downloaded at http://thesax.info/smallbanner.htm (and I don’t mind if you make it smaller than the appx. 150 x 150 pixels).